In Puglia with Victoria De Maio

Venerdì, 11 Luglio 2014 10:33
In Puglia with Victoria De Maio

Victoria De Maio is a Travel Consultant, Travel Blogger, Writer, Tour Leader (and Yoga Teacher).
Her passion is Italy! It’s not only in her blood but in her heart. Her love for all things Italian has inspired her to share this love with others, first by blogging/writing about her travels and now by leading boutique tours.
She has published 5 articles on Italian Talks, a site sponsored by the Baglioni Hotels, and 15 articles on Italian Notebook, a daily email to lovers of Italy; a guest on blogradio How to Tour Italy and has been a featured Guest Blogger.

Victoria has several other projects she is working on, (including her Italian) and, of course, they all lead back to Italy!

What brought you to Puglia in the first place?

A friend on FB starting posting about a trip she was taking to Puglia & it really peaked my interest. I talked to her, and learned it was a small group organized with you! When I looked at the site and read more about Puglia, well, it had everything I could’ve asked for (and more!) & I was hooked. I was reluctant to do another small group until I saw your site.
I loved the idea of staying at a masseria, cooking with local mammas and really immersing in the local life - not to mention wine tasting & everything else. I also teach yoga and saw that this was a perfect place for that as well. So, I sent an email to Yle and the rest is history! After a few emails, I knew I had to make this happen!

Tell us about your favourite things about your Puglia experience...

Puglia is still a bit of a secret & I love that it isn’t overrun with tourists. It hasn’t become overpriced and over exposed either. It’s also unique and unlike the more popular destinations e.g. Tuscany, Rome, etc. (which I love, too) which everyone has a clear idea (and often an opinion) of what they are like, but Puglia is new, it's a surprise - an amazing and wonderful region - history, natural beauty, wonderful people, fantastic food and wine…

Food and wine in this region...

OMG, where do I start? Before I went I did research and looked at all of the photos of wine tasting, cooking classes, etc. and it all just looked so scrumptious! I love sampling local regional specialties and loved the idea of cooking and eating local, healthy, and organic meals. I love seafood, too and the wine? It was all amazing!!! Buonissimo!

Why should you not miss Puglia when travelling to Italy?

As I mentioned, Puglia isn’t overrun with tourists, and it offers so much that other regions don’t - the terrain, the history, the cuisine, and the wonderful people…it’s unique and another part of Italy that is not to be overlooked (as the south often is!).

According to your experience as a Travel Consultant what makes Puglia different from the other Italian destinations?

Puglia is a little “out of the way” compared to the other regions - which is part of its appeal. There aren’t throngs of tourists or huge tour buses as there is in the north. No one has really heard much about it especially in the US (although it is getting a LOT more press) so it’s new and it’s different. For those who think they’ve “seen” Italy, Puglia is attractive and appealing, and it is a fantastic value!

YLTOUR, your Puglia based business partner custom design the trip of your dream with an itinerary that takes you to the most authentic destinations. Tell us more about this...

There is NO WAY I would have tackled this without Yle and YLTOUR! No doubt she is the reason this all came about. We worked together (via email) for months to create and fine tune an itinerary that would offer the best of the Salento experience. Her suggestions and experience were critical to our itinerary being attractive and fun! We worked together before and during the tour to ensure that everything was perfect…and it was!

What are the highlights of your Puglia tours?

Oh, that’s really difficult! Everything we did was a highlight and a delight! This was so much more than a “tour’ - I like to call it a unique experience!

The warmth and hospitality of everyone made the group experience very special. It truly was a “trip of a lifetime” - beautiful accommodations and grounds, exquisite food and wine and an amazing team of wonderful people - Yle, Michele, Mamma Giulia & the staff, Samantha, Giovanni & all of the drivers… plus the restaurants we visited, the artisan visits -
We were truly immersed in local life and we loved it!

What are the upcoming dates?

September 19 - 28, 2014 (looking forward to being Puglia during harvest!
And in 2015:
May 29 - June 7 and September 18 – 27

Who can join this trip and how is it possible to register?

This trip is PERFECT for couples, 1/2 couples (those with spouses who don’t want to travel or whatever), for friends, and for solos who want to travel but not alone or in a huge group.

What makes travelling with Victoria so special...

I love Italy! I’m passionate about Italy and I want to share that passion! I work very hard to ensure that everyone is well informed and prepared for their trip and I am at everyone’s disposal from the moment they arrive until they leave working behind the scenes with YLTOUR to guarantee that everything that has been promised is delivered above and beyond their expectations!
Whether this is their first, 5th or only trip to Italy, I want it to be their best!

Born and raised in an Italian family in northern California, Victoria De Maio shares her passion for Italy with the people who take her tours.

You can learn more about her tours and blog at the website:

All about the tour itineraries: Click on Tab - Let’s Go to Italy Together! then scroll down to Let’s Kick Up Our HeelZ in Puglia!

All about places we visited: Click on Tab - La Dolce Vita! Victoria’s Italy! and scroll down to Postcards from Puglia

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